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27 Sep 2021

Whiteboard Patient Room Sign

SIGNET Sign System Stand: L11

Discover how our functional Whiteboard patient room hospital sign can improve effective communication between hospital staff in one single door sign... or in any other workplace or business signs environment for that matter. This sign is built with our flat sign system, Slide-Down style. The top panel functions as a beautiful header and is perfect for company logo and department / room information in vinyl print. The second row from top is a panel with magnet board, specially designed for easy change of shift for doctors, nurses or other staff. This sign is, just like all of our business signs, fully customizable: the number of rows / panels, their widths and heights, and their function! The name tag magnets are easily replaceable and printed with your name in the colour of your pick. And last, but not least, there is a Whiteboard with a Whiteboard marker which is conveniently attached to the magnetic eraser. Here, staff can easily update information and write messages for quick ad hoc staff communication and display.

Where there is a need for a communication board, for hospital signs or other types of business signs, we have a vast collection of versatile and great looking signage solutions!

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