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27 Sep 2021

Multi Functional Door Sign

SIGNET Sign System Stand: L11

Presenting a great combination of a name plate with replaceable paper insert, an occupied sign / slider sign to quickly mark if you are in or out and Whiteboard for writing personal messages - a versatile door sign / room sign for your next business sign project!

The name plate insert is covered with a clear plastic anti reflective lens and is replaced very easy with a suction cup. We have a wide variety of name plates, in many different sizes and configurations.

You pick the colors and phrases on the occupied sign! Our standard occupied signs are green/red with phrases "in"/"out" and "vacant"/"occupied" but we also manufacture custom slider sign inserts per your specs!

Our premium enamel Whiteboard is of the very highest quality and can be configured in custom sizes. Our Whiteboard marker with magnetic eraser is conveniently placed on top of the Whiteboard surface. Our Whiteboards are magnetic and can also be used as magnet board with our custom printed magnets (for example name tag magnets or funny signs magnets). Here, you can easily update information and write personal messages.

This door sign is built with our super thin flat system, SLIM style, only 6,5 mm thick! Just like all of our business signs, this sign is fully customizable: the number of rows/panels, their widths and heights, and their function. With our flat sign systems we produce signs in modules with a large range of sizes and configurations. SLIM Sign System is flexible and multi functional and an excellent choice for bulletin boards, door signs, name plates, braille signs, information signs, wayfinding signs... all kinds of business signs!

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