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24 Sep 2021

How to use UV light adhesives for bonding clear plastics..

Eurobond Adhesives Stand: G42

UV light curing adhesives are ideal for bonding clear acrylics and polycarbonate plastics. These adhesives are called 'cure on demand', meaning they only bond the materials together when exposed to concentrated and focussed UV or visible light.  UV adhesives are used in wide ranging and varied applications including manufacturing display cases, point of sale items, trophies and awards, bonding glass, transparent plastics and in the manufacture of glass or acrylic furniture, making decorative artwork and so much more. The use of these adhesives opens up a whole new potential revenue stream opportunity for your business.

UV light curing systems can be as simple as an LED torch, laser pen or a hand/flood lamp. Eurobond Adhesives have been at the forefront of delivering high performance UV adhesives for nearly 40 years. We are the UK distributor for Vitralit® UV adhesives from Panacol Adhesives and also the UK distributor of UV light systems from world leading German manufacturer Honle.

Eurobond have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise over the last four decades helping businesses improve by introducing UV bonding into their production process.  We can help your business, large or small, to improve production. Talk to our technicsal team and book a free site visit and demonstration by calling us on 01795 427888.

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