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DE 5 STEPS: Automated print file & production preparation within 40 seconds

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– Incl. data import, preflight check, error correction, color management, normalization, ganging and impositioning, preparation for embellishment and finishing. OneVision’s automation tools handle all these tasks and many more easily and completely automatically in five steps:

Step 1: Your customer delivers different files of unknown quality. The software monitors hot folder, web server, FTP server or an email account.

Step 2: The workflow management system Workspace Pro X picks up the files based on the job ticket information.

Step 3: After file import the automation tool starts with the preflight to check on up to 130 different criteria. If the preflight detects errors in the file, they are automatically corrected, for example generating missing bleed, adjusting file format, reducing file complexity, correcting of color settings, flattening transparencies and much more.

Step 4: After the corrections, the files are prepared for the printing process. That means imposed, nested, ganged and the software also creates files with cut and varnish information for embellishment. Among other things, the following options are supported: - Nesting of a single artwork - Ganging per job or per customer - Ganging across jobs or across customers - Impose - Intelligent grouping by substrate, due date, priority, customer, order, etc. - Correction and generation of cut lines

Step 5: OneVision’s automation solution sends files directly to production, optimized for a smooth print and finishing process. Your existing systems and machines can be fully integrated with the solution for a seamless, holistic end2end workflow. In our example, these five steps for six different files take 40 seconds from data import to output to a hot folder.

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