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Watch Sign & Digital Explains being brought to life at the show in April on the Main Stage. Chaired by Colin Gillman and with special guest panelists.
  • SIGNET Bulletin Board

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    SIGNET Bulletin Board - the perfect information display for entryways!
  • All-Purpose A4 Informational Sign

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    SLIM A4-Sign for easy information change
  • SLIME Name Plate

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    Super thin SLIM-60 Name Plate with replaceable paper insert
  • Multi Functional Door Sign

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    A great way to let visitors and co-workers know if you are in or out!
  • SLIM Name Plate with aluminum header

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    A Name Plate / Room Sign with aluminum header and replaceable paper insert
  • Whiteboard Patient Room Sign

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    A Hospital Communication Board with Magnetic Name Tags
  • How to bond sign channel using acrylic tapes from Eurobond Adhesives
  • How to use Penloc®, high strength, 2-Part, fast curing structural adhesives from Eurobond Adhesives Ltd.
  • How to bond locators

    24 Sep 2021 Simon Dearing
    How to bond clear or white plastic & metal locators to signs and flat cut letters.
  • Watch the video to understand the benefits and potential new revenue streams of using UV light curing adhesives to bond clear acrylic and polycarbonate plastics.
  • Mary "Queen of Shops" delivered an inspiring keynote at Sign & Digital UK 2018. These are the highlights from her interview.
  • The rise of the small format flatbed printer has seen the personalisation market explode.