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James Beattie

James Beattie

CEO and Founder, Xanita



Entrepeneur, James Beattie, has a strong desire to contribute towards improving the world. As the CEO and founder of Xanita, his passion for people, the environment and design, has inspired the creation of the Xanita board. A substrate 100 % eco-friendly and revolutionary in its application potential. Sectors include retail display branding ; expo and pop-up unitary ;printed shopfitting solutions amongst many others. With the high demand on speed, from design to execution, Xanita provides rapid prototyping knowledge with very efficient production know-how.

James has carefully selected a talented team who has assisted to develop his vision and make Xanita one of the most respected brands on the globe. 

His dedication to creative development, shopper retail marketing and sustainability, has guided Xanita to be the leader in producing lightweight structural materials. In addtion supported with world-class design thinking and application capability. As masters in engineering, concept and design, Xanita has seen itself as the forerunner in it’s field. Xanita embraces their responsibility towards the environment, challenging conventional timber ; toxic MDF ingredients and harmfull PVC components. Ingredients are mostly post-consumer paper waste.

With global clients, from USA; Asia ; Europe and Dubai, Xanita continues to hold the firm hand of its founder. With never ending developments Xanita always aims to overcome challenges, pursues excellence and freely shares its knowledge to the world.