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NEW! Guide to getting into wide format

NEW! Guide to getting into wide format

Getting into Wide Format Front Cover

Find out what wide-format printing is all about, the opportunities that it offers to new sector entrants, and the most important trends that experienced sector professionals need to get in front of



A guide to surface graphics

A guide to surface graphics

Surface Graphics Front Cover

Find out what surface graphics is all about; the applications, the market, barriers to entry, where to find images, fitting the graphics and much much more! 




A guide to vehicle wrapping

A guide to vehicle wrapping

Vehicle wrapping front cover

Find out about getting started with vehicle wrapping, the material involved, adding graphics, training courses, vehicle wrapping and  the law and much more!





Dye Sublimation & Heat Transfer Print

Dye Sublimation & Heat Transfer Print

Dye Sub front cover

Find out what dye sublimation is, how you get started, what you can print, its limitations and much more in our comprehensive guide from start up to specialisation...






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  • What could be a better way to promote your sign and display company’s large format 3D printing capabilities than to have a full-sized African elephant’s head bursting out of the side of your building?
  • If you are thinking about investing in your first wide format printer you should have a clear idea about the type of work you want it to produce, and this will be determined by the type of inkjet ink that your printer of choice uses. Once you have identified what sort of applications you are looking to produce, the printer will pretty much choose itself.

  • Fashion is big business. Last year it employed some 890,000 people and contributed more than £32 billion to the UK’s GDP, and fresh young designers are now beginning to embrace digital inkjet printing technology to create stunning fashion collections.
  • A management information system (MIS) is a computerised information system used for decision-making, and for the coordination, control, analysis, and visualisation of information in a company. The ultimate goal of the use of a management information system is to increase the value and profits of the business.

    Colin Gilman finds out more in this beginners guide...

  • British textiles: a resurgence?

    16 Aug 2018 Ben Hargreaves

    It seems the British textiles industry is experiencing an unexpected, but welcome, resurgence. Ben Hargreaves finds out more...

  • We talk to Brian Griver of Griver Design and Frazer Chesterman of FM Brooks, on how the creative partnership between designers and their trusted print suppliers can help deliver passion in projects.

  • The rise of the 'hybrid' store: opportunities for rethinking approaches to signage and wayfinding

    19 Apr 2018 Jamie O'Donnell, Creative Director, The Shopper Agency

    Many practitioners will tell you that retail is moving away from its transactional nature and heading towards lifestyle and experience driven formats. This is fine in principle, but today’s challenge in retail is how we make those experiences relevant to what the shopper desires, not just to be achingly cool or blindingly shiny.

  • Chris Green from Antalis Visual Communications gives us the lowdown on three of the most innovative products on the market

  • Here at Interaction we know that an office often acts as a showcase for your business; it’s a great opportunity to reinforce your brand message and your company’s philosophy – whether that revolves around creativity, hard work, professionalism, or all of these aspects combined.

  • In the second of our two part series on what signmakers and creatives need from each other, we asked Andy Mudd from Signs2Signs to explain what designers can do to ensure a slick sign making process.

  • From innovative wall graphics to quirky images, we show you how clever signage can give your brand millennial appeal

  • From banners to business cards, marketing expert Robin Sturmey gives his brilliant branding tips

  • Designer Gurvinder Khurana explains how you can turn a bland office into an inspiring space

  • James Jarvis, from Antalis, tells us how he sees the print industry evolving in the months ahead. 

  • Print is about so much more than headed paper and flyers. Supercharge your brand and get noticed, with these creative, cost effective ideas.

  • We’ve been chatting to a few designers we know about what keeps them up at night when designing or pitching new signage for a client.

  • From spectacular murals to high impact vinyl stickers and affordable statement art, modern print advances are giving us unique ways to make a style statement.

  • Not so long ago a lot of people were saying that the physical store was dead. Now the conversation has turned to the spate of store openings by previously online-only brands. Clearly the store is still an important part of the retail mix – both in terms of sales and brand marketing.

  • From carnival letter lights to nostalgic neon-style designs, illuminated signage gives your brand the wow factor. With modern technology and LED advances, the possibilities are infinite. Here’s how to get your business into the spotlight…

  • From customised gifts to bespoke Marmite jars, printing advances have brought about an explosion of personalised merchandise.

  • We asked the Shop and Display Equipment Association to give us their advice on how to make the most of store environments to drive sales.
    SDEA has a vast array of suppliers and manufacturers who between them can offer you literally thousands of innovative and exciting products and services

  • In the second of our two-part ‘back to basics’ guide for creatives, we offer some top tips for designing a sign that gets its message across, swiftly, clearly and with personality for that ‘wow’ factor...
  • Designing signage and way-finding is an art form in its own right. Which is why it’s never too late to go back to basics. We have canvassed some of our sign-making friends for their top advice for creatives about to embark on a signage project.

Featured exhibitors

  • Award Crafters

    16 Aug 2018
    With heritage dating back to the Korean War, the signs supplied by Romford’s Award Crafters have proved as durable in the marketplace as the rugged, anodised aluminium signage technology itself. Found ...
  • How did you get started in the Sign & Graphics industry? Both myself and my business partner Ian have worked in the Textile industry pretty much all of our working lives, personally I started at 16 ye ...

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