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How to shine a light on your business

How to shine a light on your business

Vintage is back

  • Major brands including Coca-Cola and UGG have used vintage-style light up letter signs to great effect. Studded with bulbs, they add a dash of retro, theatrical pizzazz and can be custom-made to suit your brand. Distressed finishes can usually be applied, the typography designed to suit your desired look and bulbs varied in colour and type.


  • Our love affair with neon shows no sign of abating. Originally associated with kitsch Americana (think diners), the look is back with a bang thanks to neon-style LED alternatives. The new technology and materials make for a more cost effective, safer, environmentally friendly light, yet still zinging with colour.

Retro is Now

  • From retro, cinema style to suspended statements, light boxes offer a myriad of options. Their flexibility means they can be functional (think menu display), or add a real sense of drama.  For Henry Holland’s London Fashion Week after party, visual merchandisers Minky Balinki filled a six-metre lightbox with brightly coloured gels, which projected through the House of Holland logo, illuminating the venue.  

Build it up

  • Ultra slim, LED-lit acrylic letters are energy efficient, but bright enough to sing out. Alternatively, halo lit metallic letters give a classic, elegant edge, as demonstrated by Valentino. This is also a great option when you have an interesting architectural detail to highlight behind the sign, such as intricate stonework.

From subtle backlit logos to dazzling bulb-studded letters, illuminated signage offers far more than wayfinding. It ensures your business makes an impact, by day and night, and gives your brand the stamp of authority. Well-designed, it can literally stop customers in their tracks.

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