Watch Sign & Digital Explains being brought to life at the show in April on the Main Stage. Chaired by Colin Gillman and with special guest panelists.
  • DTFMagic Introduce Mutoh

    13 Jan 2022 Jim Nicol
  • Space Tailor Platform Launch

    29 Dec 2021 Space Tailor
    A new challenge for the signage market. Download ready to print patterns. Enter the new interior market. Expand your business with Space Tailor. More information: https://www.spacetailor.net/
  • How to install Veilish?

    29 Dec 2021 Space Tailor
    Veilish is a self-adhesive fabric film that can be used as window film, wall graphic, signage material, etc. Thanks to a special adhesive, it is easy to install and remove. Space Tailor's designs can ...
  • The axspin digital inkjet UV printers are developed for very high flexibility & productivity & special effects. PERSONALISATION WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL COSS No additional cost to change designs. Easily ...
  • Direct to film printers (DTF) are using the latest digital printing technology for high quality custom decoration of garments, bags, sports wear, apparel etc. The AXZYRA DTF systems use a high quality ...
  • The Apache® 4545Evo small format UV LED flatbed printer: Faster, cheaper, better… The perfect choice for industrial printing, printing on wood and acrylic among many other substrates like anodised alu ...
  • Direct to Film Ink from InkTec Europe

    30 Nov 2021 InkTec Europe
    Take on the material world with InkTec Europe's Direct to Film ink.
  • Julian Wright, Sales Director of Amaya Sales UK takes us through the history of Amaya, the directors and the vast offering of personalised garment equipment solutions on offer from the team at Amaya S ...
  • The large-format SP series of laser cutters are the ideal partner for companies looking to process signage and displays.    
  • Q 500 laser cutter

    23 Nov 2021
    Discover the Q500 laser cutter, perfect for laser cutting wood, acrylic, plastic laminates and more. 
  • IU-1000F

    19 Nov 2021 Roland DG
    IU-1000F flatbed printer
  • TrueVIS SG2

    19 Nov 2021 Roland DG
    TrueVIS SG2-640, SG2-540, SG2-300 Large-Format Inkjet Printer/Cutters
  • Overview of our Product

    19 Nov 2021 HYPERVSN
  • VersaUV LEC2 S-Series

    19 Nov 2021 Roland DG
    VersaUV LEC2 S Series, the ultimate in versatile print production
  • Texart XT-640S-F

    19 Nov 2021 Roland DG
  • VersaUV LEC2

    19 Nov 2021 Roland DG
    VersaUV LEC2-330, LEC2-640 UV Printer/Cutters Designed by perfectionists, for perfectionists  
  • 3mm Dibond routed in a single pass. High accuracy, precise routing on the DYSS X7 and X9 series digital cutters.
  • Printed corrugated board can be processed face down using the intelligent camera and software (K-CUT Vision) available on all DYSS digital cutters
  • Roll fed self adhesive backed vinyl kiss cut. Automated production using the conveyorised bed, paired with K-CUT vision software and intelligent camera technology.
  • 10mm Clear acrylic routed using the high frequency router available on the DYSS X7 and X9 series digital cutters. Spinning at up to 60,000rpm, the router can also perform a finishing (polishing) pass, ...
  • Routed 10mm Foamex. Cut to register using K-CUT Vision and printed registration marks.
  • Neon meets UV

    11 Oct 2021 swissQprint
    Attention grabbers: neon yellow and neon pink give printed materials that sensational look. And they are fluorescent in black light.
  • swissQprint Flatbed Generation 4

    11 Oct 2021 swissQprint
    You want pole position in the digital printing field? Redefine quality. With a swissQprint Generation 4 flatbed printer: the latest print head technology and technical sophistication combined.
  • SIGNET Bulletin Board

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    SIGNET Bulletin Board - the perfect information display for entryways!
  • All-Purpose A4 Informational Sign

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    SLIM A4-Sign for easy information change
  • SLIME Name Plate

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    Super thin SLIM-60 Name Plate with replaceable paper insert
  • Multi Functional Door Sign

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    A great way to let visitors and co-workers know if you are in or out!
  • SLIM Name Plate with aluminum header

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    A Name Plate / Room Sign with aluminum header and replaceable paper insert
  • Whiteboard Patient Room Sign

    27 Sep 2021 Claudine Hedlund-Long
    A Hospital Communication Board with Magnetic Name Tags
  • How to bond sign channel using acrylic tapes from Eurobond Adhesives
  • How to use Penloc®, high strength, 2-Part, fast curing structural adhesives from Eurobond Adhesives Ltd.
  • How to bond locators

    24 Sep 2021 Simon Dearing
    How to bond clear or white plastic & metal locators to signs and flat cut letters.
  • Watch the video to understand the benefits and potential new revenue streams of using UV light curing adhesives to bond clear acrylic and polycarbonate plastics.
  • Explore the possibilities with InkTec Europe and our full range of dye sublimation inks.
  • Installation of JETRIX LXi7 at Showlite

    13 Jul 2021 InkTec Europe
    A speeded up overview of a JETRIX LXi7 LED UV printer at Showlite. 
  • Welcome to InkTec Europe's SubliNova Sublimation ink. 
  • Parking Control Management (PCM) Case Study on their JETRIX LXi7 LED UV Flatbed Printer
  • Ringcraft produce graphics for boxing title fight on their JETRIX LXiR320.
  • Mary "Queen of Shops" delivered an inspiring keynote at Sign & Digital UK 2018. These are the highlights from her interview.
  • The rise of the small format flatbed printer has seen the personalisation market explode.
  • Textiles

    23 Aug 2019
    We have invited companies from the cutting edge of this industry to talk about their experiences, the opportunities and their visions for the future.
  • We bring together a panel including hardware and software providers as well as those involved in the installation and creative development.
  • How a building looks inside and out is of paramount importance. Digital printing has opened up a host of possibilities, particularly around interior decorating.
  • We bring together some of the industry’s leading providers of finishing products, services and solutions to see how this market has developed.
  • We look at some of the technologies and strategies that are leading the way in modern retail and how sign-makers can adapt to meet these demands.
  • In this seminar and panel discussion, we talk to manufacturers and suppliers about the sustainable products and strategies that make good business sense in the print and signage industry.
  • We bring together many of the leading players involved in the challenge of getting colour right for your customers.
  • The presentation looks at the business case for investment and what should be considered when making this move.    
  • You already know how to print, so why not add another lucrative string to your bow? Find out how to make more money for your printing operation with wide format applications.
  • Lift the lid on vehicle wrapping in this session as we look at how to get started in this fast moving industry. 
  • Find out all there is to know about getting started with digital printing on to textiles from two of the UK's foremost industry experts in textile printing.
  • Discover the world of dye sublimation and transfer printing and how you can get started with promotional printing from giftware to garments and uncover a wealth of market opportunities.
  • Find out how you can produce eye-catching, interior enhancing products such as bespoke walls, windows and floors.
  • The first A4 dye sublimation printer from Epson! See this printer in action on our stand within the Textile Zone! 
  • The AXYZ Infinite is the most configurable CNC Router on the market. Each machine can be customized to your specific application or material. Select from a wide variety of options to increase producti ...
  • Protek CNC manufacture CNC routers, able to cut every material in the signage and printing industry.
  • Discover the idea behind Premier Paper's show-stopping, movie-themed stand at SDUK 2019
  • The flagship Speedy series is designed for profitable laser cutting and engraving. With CO2, fiber or dual laser source the Speedy is capable of laser engraving and cutting a wide range of materials. 
  • Discover Epson's first A3 dye sublimation printer. For those looking to enter the world of dye sublimation printing or even just expand their product offering, this printer offers versatility to produ ...
  • Fabricators in all industries can use the new Trident to cut through a variety of different materials. Available in 4 standard sizes with the option to customise the length for specific material proce ...
  • Faster, more powerful metal cutting than you’ve ever seen before! This innovative cutting solution maximizes speed, quality, and precision with all the great features AXYZ Routers are known for. Comes ...
  • A look back at some of the highlights of our last exhibition - SDUK 2019
  • Discover the R-series of laser cutters, Trotec's entry-level systems. Perfect for laser cutting a range of materials, from acrylic and plastic laminates to woods, textiles and beyond. 
  • We are Your Print Specialists. We are official #Mimaki, #Roland and #Epson resellers. First-class suppliers of #inks, #parts & #consumables. Located in Newcastle upon Tyne with nationwide coverage.
  • The real art of business is to achieve all you want to do while simultaneously keeping down costs. This session will look at the software products out there that do just this.
  • Automatic file preparation of six different files – all of them to be printed on different materials – in just 40 seconds?!
  • Introducing the AXYZ INNOVATOR CNC ROUTER – Full-Scale Capability in a Smaller Footprint. Powerful enough to cut aluminum, hardwood, and plastic with high-quality finishes and short lead times. The id ...
  • Your Print Specialists (YPS) are collaborating with our favourite award-winning designer again, Beth Travers, owner of BOBO1325. BOBO1325 is a design studio specialising in the interior market, predom ...
  • What is the size of the garment printing market…S, M, L or XL? It’s not one size fits all but you can be in on the opportunity.  


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