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Vivid - Pushing The Creative Boundaries Of Digital Prints

Vivid Laminating Technologies Stand: J50
  • Vivid - Pushing The Creative Boundaries Of Digital Prints
  • Vivid - Pushing The Creative Boundaries Of Digital Prints
  • Vivid - Pushing The Creative Boundaries Of Digital Prints
Vivid - Pushing The Creative Boundaries Of Digital Prints Vivid - Pushing The Creative Boundaries Of Digital Prints Vivid - Pushing The Creative Boundaries Of Digital Prints

By listening to our customer’s requirements and constantly improving our systems we’ve been leading the world of lamination and foiling with the most innovative solutions in the market place.

Our range includes:

Matrix Lamination, Foiling and Spot UV Solutions

Print that has been laminated or had a foil or spot UV type effect applied will attract more attention than print without. Lamination enhances and protects printed materials whilst foils and effects add perceived value. In the past some of these processes were only economically viable for large print runs but with the Matrix that is no longer the case. The Matrix enables lamination and embellishments of short-run digital print simply and economically.

The Matrix is designed for on-demand lamination, foiling and spot UV type effects. The process is straight-forward and stunning special effects are easily achievable without complex set-up or origination dies. Laminates and effects can be applied in minutes for just pennies per page but add significant perceived value.

Designed as a modular system the Matrix can be added to as your business grows – for example, by adding an Omni-Flow deep pile automatic feeder which can be retrofitted to any Pneumatic Matrix.

Pneumatic rollers and precise temperature control on the Matrix mean that jobs will run consistently from start-to-finish and can be repeated reliably at a later date minimising waste on each job and saving money.

The Matrix allows a Printer to economically offer services in-house that might otherwise have to be outsourced with cost and time implications.

Easymount Wide Format Lamination Systems

The comprehensive Easymount range includes entry-level models for hand finishing through to professional, heavy-duty thermal work-horses that will cope with even the most demanding applications. Covering a range of widths these machines are ideal for wide format laminating, mounting and encapsulation

Models such as the award-winning Easymount EM-1600SH offer innovative features such as swing-out arms for easy loading of film and vinyl and pneumatic pressure rollers to automatically adjust for differing substrate thicknesses.

Whichever model you choose you can be certain of the quality and reliability.

Magnum Cut, Slit, Crease, Perf and Fold Systems.

We offer a desirable range of finishing solutions for cutting, creasing, slitting, perforating and folding. They will work with any type of print but are ideally suited for a modern digital print shop or large in-house reprographics/print. They support a range of paper stocks and laminated sheets and are essential for the production of business cards, leaflets, menus, show cards and much more besides. These services are often outsourced by smaller printers with a cost in time and money but with a Magnum they can be bought in-house. Automatic cutters can also reduce bottle necks at the guillotine too.

We have a range of options as follows:

  • MC-35M – This is our entry-level creasing system, with a compact design.
  • MC-35 & MC-35A – This crease and perf model uses patented ‘Sniper” technology for simple set-up, available in semi-auto or auto feed versions
  • MCC-35A – This system cuts, creases and perforates and features a barcode reader allowing multiple jobs to be stacked in the feeder
  • MCPF-35 – Crease, perforate and fold with this system.

Peak Pouch Laminators

We offer a wide choice of pouch type laminators widely used in offices, schools and universities for quick and simple encapsulation of documents.


As well as hardware we also offer one of the largest ranges of lamination films, pouches, blades and special effect foils, all tested for use on our systems. Head over to and shop for all your print finishing supplies.

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