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13 Mar 2019

Canon Interview

We interview Neil McMinn, Head of Sales, UK and Ireland, Display Graphic Systems at Canon UK to find out where he sees the greatest opportunities and growth markets for the future.

Neil McMinn, Head of Sales, UK and Ireland, Display Graphic Systems at Canon UK

1. Where do you see the greatest opportunities/what are the growth markets for Canon over the next year or so? 

The dynamic visual communications (VC) market is constantly changing and growing, driven by entrepreneurial print service providers (PSPs) looking for new products, applications, and services to enhance their offering, improve workflow with existing customers, and attract new clientele.

Canon has an on-going commitment to the VC market and has made significant investments in research and development to increase printing efficiency and productivity for our customers. For example, we recently launched the Océ Arizona 1300 flatbed printer series, which includes Océ Arizona Xpert, a unique new pre-press software that simplifies and automates complicated jobs. We also engineered the Océ Colorado roll-to-roll printer to meet the peak production requirements of businesses of all sizes, by using Canon’s UVgel technology. The development of UVgel is a game changer in large format printing and is a testament to Canon’s commitment to meeting clients’ needs of quicker print turnaround times without compromising quality.  


2. What do you consider the greatest challenges to making the most of these opportunities?

Our greatest challenge is having the opportunity to reach a variety of PSPs across the market. Sign & Digital UK gives us this opportunity, and allows us to talk to key players in the industry to understand the challenges they face. It also gives us the platform to discuss new technological innovations and solutions.

Canon has a serious portfolio of exciting and reliable solutions, but our strength is our people. With continued focus on training, we have developed and built the best value-added infrastructure in the UK market to help our team and clients grow.


3. Is SDUK an important part of Canon’s annual sales/marketing campaign?

Canon has attended Sign & Digital UK for more than 20 years and the event is still an important part of our annual sales and marketing campaign, as it gives us the opportunity to meet new and existing clients.

It’s the number one event in the UK for Canon Display Graphics, as it’s the only show that attracts such a diverse range of businesses. Our main objective is to deliver value and quality to our clients and this event gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our innovative approach and commitment to the marketplace.


4. What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

The best piece of advice I have ever been given is to ‘embrace change’, which is especially significant working in an industry that is constantly evolving. To keep up with this dynamic market, it’s imperative to welcome new challenges to ensure continual growth and improvement.

Not only is it important to self analyse, but equally listening to those around you, especially customers, employees, and co-workers, is critical to success, as ultimately they are the backbone of any business.

5. Describe your average day? 

While the very nature of my role and the industry ensures that every day is different, often I’ll be involved in strategy meetings and company-wide reporting to ensure we are meeting our business objectives. However the main priority for me is being visible to our customers and the team around me by overseeing operations, making sure everyone is happy, and that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. 


Canon is exhibiting at Sign & Digital UK 2019, visit them on Stand E10




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