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Space Tailor

Space Tailor offers free interior pattern designs to printing and signage companies interested in expanding their range of services to the attractive printerior market.

The Space Tailor project is a fantastic tool that can help overcome the stagnation on the digital printing market. Companies interested in adding printing interior elements to their range of services can join the project and increase the quality of their brand.

The customers cannot be satisfied with simple images downloaded from the internet. That is why Space Tailor offers high-quality patterns created with hand-drawn designs by professional artists. It is perfect for those, who have been printing only ordered pre-made designs provided by their clients. By offering the Space Tailor’s unique designs as a part of your range, you can suggest a new type of business to the customers. This will naturally lead to increasing the attractiveness of your services and expanding your network.


Changup Center 404,
Gwangmyeong-ro 377, Jungwon-gu,
Korea, Republic of


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  • Geometric 05 Black

    25 Nov 2021
    Space Tailor's Geometric 05 Black is one of our designs in the geometric range. Just a simple pattern can change the whole atmosphere of given space. Check out more designs at www.spacetailor.net
  • Dion VL7041P

    25 Nov 2021
    Space Tailor's Dion design is based on a very detailed drawing created by one of our artists. The pattern is available in four different versions. Check out more at www.spacetailor.net
  • Vert Scent VL8001B

    25 Nov 2021
    Vert Scent is a pattern based on a crayon picture of tropical plants created by one of Space Tailor's artists. All Space Tailor's patterns are hand-drawn by professional artists. This particular desig ...
  • Space Tailor offers interior pattern dfesigns to printing and signage companies that want to expand their range of services to the attractive 'printerior' market. Lovintage series combine retro elemen ...
  • How to install Veilish?

    25 Nov 2021 Space Tailor
    Veilish is a self-adhesive fabric film that can be used as window film, wall graphic, signage material, etc. Thanks to a special adhesive, it is easy to install and remove. Space Tailor's designs can ...
  • Space Tailor Platform Launch

    22 Nov 2021 Space Tailor
    A new challenge for the signage market. Download ready to print patterns. Enter the new interior market. Expand your business with Space Tailor. More information: https://www.spacetailor.net/
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