Exhibitor Testimonials 2019


“I’ve been blown away by Sign & Digital UK and hugely impressed with the footfall – we’ve had 150 people visit the stand within the first day and a half, which has totally exceeded all expectations. We normally exhibit at Euroshop in Dusseldorf and in the 5 days at that show, we struggled to get the same number of visitors to the stand. We will be back!”

Wrights Plastics Group, Andy Watkins, Group Commercial Director    

"This year at Sign & Digital UK we’ve gone for a different arrangement for our stand. This new approach has helped us see more people and gain a lot of interest in our cutting machine. We’ve engaged with many new potential customers that we’ve not seen before at SDUK, so we’re very pleased to be making great connections for the future, which is fantastic for a business like ours at a show this size."

Blackman & White, Alex White, Managing Director

“We’ve had a good and busy show again at Sign and Digital UK, with some strong sales made on the first day. It’s always the perfect place to meet customers and suppliers and helps us substantially raise our brand awareness in the sector. The show has also introduced us to many of our fastest growing customers over the years.”

CMYUK, Robin East, Group Director 

“Sign & Digital UK 2019 has been very good for us, with lots of new customers coming to visit us and a large number of hot new leads. It’s been the perfect platform for us to launch a number of new products and we’ve been particularly pleased as not many of our competitors are here – so we’ve had a real unique selling point. Based on today’s hot leads and the interactions we’ve had with the people after they’ve visited the stand, we are planning to return in 2020!”

Signwaves, Kris Hemsley, Sales and marketing manager   

"It's the first time we've exhibited at Sign & Digital UK for quite some time, and it's been great in helping us make new connections and gain exposure. We’ve connected with companies who saw we were exhibiting here via the solus email we sent out through the show organisers. Others watched our main stage presentation and sought us out for a more technical chat and to see samples of how our colour management can help them."

GMG Colour, Amy Young, Campaign & Marketing Manager

"It's our first time at the show and it's been incredibly useful for us. The two products we have on our stand have been really well received by everyone visiting - they can all see the real value in what we're showcasing. It's put us in touch with people we wouldn't have necessarily met otherwise. That's why we'd recommend the show and why we'll be coming again next year!

We've tried several similar shows in the past but have never found the perfect fit for us. Given the success we've seen already, it looks like Sign & Digital UK might be the one!"

DURABLE, Sam Rylands, Marketing Manager

"We've exhibited at Sign & Digital UK for many years. Every year, this show is really well organised with great traffic and has helped us make fantastic connections. This year we've been excited to partner with Arlon Graphics and launch their brand new product Fusion Wrap, Sign & Digital UK is the perfect platform for us to do that. We've even seen a large number of non-Spandex customers coming to the booth." 

Spandex, Ben Scammell, UK Aftermarket Field Sales Manager                     

"One of our good customers called by our stand at Sign & Digital UK today to say hello.  Whilst he was there, he got talking to a visitor who was looking at some equipment on the stand. They talked and compared notes and thanks to his recommendation, the visitor preceded to place a large order with us.  Our stand at Sign & Digital provided the opportunity of putting both of these in the same place at the same time."

YPS, Georgia Brown, Sales Director              


"For our first time exhibiting at Sign & Digital UK, we weren't initially sure whether it would be our kind of market, but we're really pleased with the response so far. The mix of people we've had at our stand has been great. People who've seen us at other shows have found us here so it's been a good opportunity to build those relationships. We've also had interest from visitors who didn't know about our services. It's been valuable to see how amazed they are at what can be produced and, thanks to the show, we've managed to make those all-important connections to build business for the future."

Innotex Transfer Technology, Simon Holt, UK Sales              

"We’ve been exhibiting at Sign & Digital UK for a number of years now. Once again, the Décor Live sessions have worked fantastically well for us as they attract passers-by that get to see our materials being applied in application. What’s great is visitors are then looking to book the full courses at our Antalis Academy facility.

We’ve also found that, over and above last year, the majority of people visiting our stand are new contacts for us, so it’s great to be able to find solutions for new customers! For the vis-com market, this is exactly the show for us."

Antalis, Katie Farr, Head of Marketing (Print & Visual Communications)

“It’s personally my first year at Sign & Digital UK, although ArtSystems have been regular exhibitors for many years, and I’ve been quietly impressed with the steady number of people visiting our stand. It’s been the perfect space to showcase a range of the complementary brands we work with and to introduce our clients to new equipment that will help save them time and money to support their business growth. The other important element of being at Sign & Digital UK is the opportunity to see our channel partners, as we sell directly to resellers not to end users."

ArtSystems, Russell Harpham, Sales and marketing director

"This is our fourth time at Sign & Digital we feel that it is important to reinforce our brand and to support our UK distributors who are also exhibiting here.

We had sold all of our display equipment by lunchtime on the second day of Sign & Digital. In addition to that, we have taken multiple orders at the show and have secured other potential orders to follow up in the near future.

Sign and Digital have delivered great quality visitors this year. “

Rollsroller, Per Wendel, Sales Manager