Here are just a few of the comments we had from our visitors to Sign & Digital UK 2017

“A must see for new ideas and keeping up with new trends”

“Access to commercial expertise and advise is second to none”

“Gives you an insight to the industry and the scale of it all”

“Good insight to what’s new and available in the sign industry. There is something for everyone who is involved from sales/marketing to production, to fitting to administration”

“Good opportunity to connect with most of the brands and market leaders under one roof”

“Good to view latest technologies and have experts to hand to answer questions. I saved over £1500 on a printer at show discount, so very pleased.”

“Great trade show, loads of new equipment to make the manufacturing process more efficient and cost effective. Something for all levels of business.”

“It’s an excellent showcase of not only everyday print and signage materials and techniques but also new and exciting technologies and products – well worth a visit.”

“If you are in the graphics and display industry, this is a must go to event for your calendar.”

“If you are in the industry and you haven’t been, you are not committed to the industry.”

“It is a great opportunity to see things in action and meet genuine people with fantastic experience and knowledge.”

“It will blow your mind. You will be mentally exhausted due to the amount of information you take in; even in just one day.”

“It’s the sign and digital must see show, as it showcases not only traditional print methods, but also new and exciting cutting edge products and machines.”

“Lots of industry specific products and experts all available together. Some new equipment and great to see it all in action with the live demos.”

“Lots to see. Particularly enjoyed the various talks as I am from more of a design background. Lots of things to learn for all disciplines.”

“A great experience of the different services the exhibition provides. The seminars and workshops are brilliant, which I personally found very useful as I was able to use the information I gathered at the show in my forthcoming project of re-branding our fleet of vehicles.”

“Extensive products on show by all, the show was very enlightening on all aspects of sign making and digital print. New products on show, new companies competing against each other and all sorts of new areas of print that I haven’t considered a possibility until my visit. Meeting new potential manufacturers, and hearing how they present themselves also was very interesting from a relatively new head to the print business. I was very pleased with the outcome and very much enjoyed all the stalls.”

“Great opportunity to make contacts with the industry, see what is available out there to improve your business and to see machines working.”

“Good show, well organised and executed. Thought the seminars were beneficial and relevant.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the show and learned a great deal. I look forward to attending again and learning more and meeting new suppliers”

“I enjoyed the show, it was very helpful for my business. I found a new printer that I was looking for and will buy that this year.”